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Blog Posts

Did I mention that my husband has boundless amounts of energy? Oh yes, we have previously discussed that. Well in the midst of building our yurt by hand, going to school part time, working full time in the ER, and being an

The first week was for sure the hardest.  There were many tears (from me).  Week one we experienced the coldest temps that we are going to experience that winter.  One morning it was -25 F.  The dome was completely frosted over.  Frost

Why a Yurt?

So why did you build a Yurt?” Oh if I had a nickel for every time I have heard that one. Even after we attempt to explain, I wonder how many people still think… “so why again did you build a yurt?”


Yup!  We are the crazy people that built a spaceship looking home called a Yurt and moved in our family of 5 on a week that reached -25 F.  We know how it looks, it looks crazy.  But we hope that opening

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