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Blog Posts

Summer has come to a close and school has started up.  We are missing the sisters being away at school all day. Dog training season has began. Damon has started to put miles on the team after the temps dropped below 60 F

Just the other day I was wearing high heels and taking the train either downtown Minneapolis to my design job or to the airport flying to a job sites all over the US.  I probably had an Au Bon Pain coffee in hand and was either reading a book or scrolling

So what is the first thing that pops into your head when someone says they live in a Yurt?  Some crazy hippie without shoes dancing in a field of flowers? Well, I will have you know, that I have never been committed to a mental facility and that I always

I Quit!

112 degrees Fahrenheit…Yup, that’s the high temperature that has been logged INSIDE the yurt this summer. As the temperature has been rising, so has my anxiety.  Being that it is summer, we have been busy with outdoor playing, activities, and visits with

I’ve been praying for heat… and boy do I have it. As the snow thaws, our dog sledding comes to an end for the season. The sleds are getting hung in the shed and gear is getting mended.  We are getting

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