Corporate CAUSE Sponsorship

Corporate CAUSE Sponsorship

Greetings from the Iditarod training trails! I’m excited to have you join me on this adventure while we prepare for the grueling 1000 mile  Iditarod Trail Race in 2020.   I have been preparing since 2015 to run this race. I invite you to come along on this journey for the last 1 year as we overcoming some of the coldest and roughest wilderness behind an amazing team of dogs from SE MN to Nome Alaska.

I have spent the last 5 years training and mentoring under a 14 time Iditarod Race finisher. My training has provided a proven plan for success. However, it’s going to take another year of deliberate daily preparation to get to the start line in 2020.

I am in search of partnering with companies to join our team who are looking for a unique opportunity of marketing exposure and that aline with our non-profits values.   As a member of our team, you will not only have your name and products in front of an adventurous group of local, national and international followers but also have the inside perspective on the journey of preparing for a once in a lifetime race.

Along with a unique marketing opportunity, you will be supporting our CAUSE. The CAUSE works with many youth, community organizations, schools, and local businesses. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many groups through demonstrations, presentations, workshops and rides. I interweave stories of dog mushing adventures, yurt living and life mishaps with the life strategies that has brought the ability to pursue my purpose, goals and dreams.

Come experience this opportunity and travel along side a local musher and his team to Nome Alaska.  It’s going to be an amazing adventure.

Anchorage: < $500

This is a great sponsorship level for our  business owner, family, and friends. This is our home base group. This is the group supporting us with the everyday issues we face.  We welcome accomplishing support for this race in a creative way.  If you have time, talent, or a resource that you would give or lend, we would be very appreciative.

Rainy Pass: $500-$2000

Your company will be promoted on our Facebook page as the latest Corporate Sponsor. Our Facebook page follows the Deep Root with training videos, yurt living, race schedules, charity events, weekly updates and more.  Also, we will be adding you as an official Sponsor on our website, race bio’s, and communication.  Plus all the above.

Kaltag: $2,000-$5000 

Your brand is going to the Iditarod. This is for the Corporate Sponsor looking for local, national, and International brand promotion.  Your brand will be placed on the parka of our musher and seen at every race.  Your brand will see miles of race trials and training runs.  Also, your company will have the opportunity for 2 product promotions.  It could be a product giveaway, product review, advertisement or strategic logo placement in an interview, publication, or video.  Plus all the above.

White Mountain: $5,000-$10,000

We invite you to a Kennel Workshop for 6 of your staff. You will be able to visit the dog yard and see the process of harnessing  dogs first hand.  You will also get to share in the speed and power behind the dog team.  Wear your boots.  You will need them.  And the stories… you will hear many and have many to share.  Plus all the above.

Nome: ≥ $10,000 

Do you know what happens when you tie 16 of the most energetic dogs together? A good story. I would be honored to speak at the event of your choice.  I will talk to your team about having the courage to dream, finding a mentor and a team, having patience and perseverance, daily goals, digging deep for strength and finding comfort when uncomfortable.  Plus all the above.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and for more details.

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