Personal CAUSE Sponsorship

Personal CAUSE Sponsorship

While cash is nice, not all of us have it to give.  We would love you to labor beside us on this journey.  Do you have a talent we could use? Do you have equipment we could borrow?

For example, we had a family member lend us a four-wheeler because he heard that Damon was needing to do road training while we didn’t have much snow.  Such a blessing! Also, we have a group of family members sewing dog booties for us.  It’s a GREAT gift and we feel SO blessed by everyone’s contribution. We also have a family member who is my editor and personal cheerleader.  What a life saver she is.

Here are a few ideas of how to support Damon without giving financially.

Prayer and Encouragement:
Prayer for the dogs’ and musher’s safety/health.  Prayer that God’s large picture will be known to our family and business.

Social Media:
Sharing is caring.  Sharing gains a larger audience which can reach a larger corporate sponsorship base.

Photography/ Videography Skills:
It would be great to have professional pictures taken and help with videos for promotional use.

Sewing Skills: 
We have a group of family members that are working on making booties for the dogs.  It’s a wonderful gift of time, energy, and resources.  We have other needs like mending gear, dog blankets (at races when they are resting in very cold conditions), dog jackets…etc.

Gas Cards:
It takes a lot of gas moving a dog truck from Minnesota to Montana or Alaska.  Also since we didn’t have a lot of snow this year, Damon has been training the dogs with a four-wheeler versus a sled.

Mechanical Work:
We were given a four-wheeler to use during the winter for training runs which has been a HUGE blessing.  We have mechanical needs for it and the “polar bear”/ Dog truck.  She’s solid but needs a little help every once in a while.

Frozen Meat:
Do you have frozen meat with freezer burn that you aren’t going to eat?  If it’s safe (and local), we would love to take it to feed to our dogs.  Every day our dogs eat a 1/2 lb of raw meat each.  That’s a lot of meat.

Yurt and Dog-sit:
Would you like a weekend away at a Yurt?  Would you mind stoking the fire and watching/feeding our other dogs that are staying home while we are gone for a weekend away training or at a race?

Writing and Website Help:
Do you have website skills or writing skills? Please let me know.  I’d love help with the computer work of managing a website and social media.

Other Talents: 
Have any other talents that you can help with?

Cold Hard Cash:

But if you still feel lead to give to our cause and to contribute to this journey financially, feel free to send to our PayPal account.

We thank you in advance for your contribution.  This could not happen without your help! Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need additional information.


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