Dog Days of Damon

Dog Days of Damon

Did I mention that my husband has boundless amounts of energy? Oh yes, we have previously discussed that. Well in the midst of building our yurt by hand, going to school part time, working full time in the ER, and being an intentional and hands on parent, Damon is becoming a Dog Musher. If you know Damon, you know he loves dogs. If he had a past life, he would have been a dog. (He would totally take that as a compliment).

15 years ago, Damon started skijoring. He loves to ski and loves dogs, so put them together and you get skijoring. Skijoring is skiing behind a pulling dog. It’s fast and scary if you ask me. Skijoring naturally started to morph into dog sledding for Damon. He started out with our pound “puppy” and his hunting dog tied together and taught them to pull.  He learned to groom his own trails with some kind of polk groomer that he made to pulled behind himself. And so on and so on.

In 2014 he was told about a lady that has run the Iditarod for many years and had recently moved to our area. She has a number of dogs and trains here in southern MN. Well that sure peaked his interest. He looked her up and met with her.  And…. My husband will never be the same.

Long story short, Damon started to train and learn the dogsledding ropes. Damon has learned fast and she remarks on his ability to not only manage all that goes on with the dogs, but his ability to read their needs and personalities. He is very in tune to the dogs.

Damon assisted in her preparation for Iditarod 2015. Training started in the fall (under 50 F) and they started with 32 dogs in training. Training runs started at 3 miles and ended at 100 mile increments. The two of them and 24 dogs made trips out to Montana for training and races. Then they made the long haul through Canada to Alaska for the Iditarod. They again did more training and Damon was able to ride with her in the Ceremonial Start in Downtown Anchorage.

The two of them make a dynamic duo.  With her knowledge and experience and his strength and MacGyver skills, they are nothing more than amazing.  I’ve never seen two people with such similar spirits. While retirement from the Iditarod hasn’t quite suit her,  she has stopped growing her kennel.  And from the looks of the growing number of dogs in my yard, We seem to be growing our kennel.   As time continues, I see these dreams growing and festering inside of my husband.  He hasn’t verbalized anything yet, but I see the wheels turning.  I’ve been with this man for over 16 years… I know what is coming.

Stay with me, I may need a hand to hold. -Ky

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