Welcome to the Deep Root

Welcome to the Deep Root

We are a family of 5 living in a yurt we built ourselves in 2016. Our story documents us simplifying our lifestyle to give space to deeper purpose and cause.  Our journey is neither ordinary or extraordinary.

We started the Deep Root Cause in 2018 to share with others about living for a greater purpose.  We use our dog sledding, mushing, and even yurt living as our tools to share our key strategies.

Our family (tries to) embody these strategies. However, we have learned that good stories are always at the expense of comfort. Simplifying our lives has allows us to live outside of the lines of normalcy and experience living our own journey.  It’s wonderful, uncomfortable and grateful.  It stretches us to grow past personal comfort but enriches our spirit and character.  We grow, learn and acquire good stories from mishaps, inexperience, and adventures as we inch our way closer to our goals.

Come read our story, learn about the causemeet our team, and support Damon in reaching the start line of the 2020 Iditarod.

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